Is the charcoal ignition of stainless steel charcoal grill difficult?

- Aug 30, 2019-

Method 1: Use a simmer bucket


The ignition barrel is the easiest way to get powerful firepower every time. Use your lit newspaper and heat convection to evenly ignite your charcoal. Then, you can safely pour the charcoal into the carbon oven and start the barbecue in 15-20 minutes.


Gently smash the newspaper into a ball and stuff it at the bottom of the fire bucket. Don't stuff it very tightly, just gently pry it into a loose ball so that the hot air can rise sufficiently and eventually ignite your charcoal. If your ignition bucket does not have a solid bottom, place the newspaper on the grill and place the fire bucket on the newspaper.


Put charcoal in the ignition barrel. Light the bottom of the newspaper from several places and place it on the grill. The newspaper will burn quickly, and hot air and burning newspapers will ignite the charcoal at the bottom. Once the newspaper is burned out, the charcoal will ignite each other. The igniting bucket will heat up quickly, so put it on the charcoal net to prevent ignition of surrounding objects.


When the surface of the charcoal is grayed out, the charcoal can be poured into the grill. This usually takes only 10-15 minutes. Once you pour in charcoal, you are ready to start the barbecue.


Method 2: Use a newspaper to ignite


Open the vents on the bottom of the oven and clean the ash because the charcoal needs sufficient oxygen to burn.Rub 4-5 group newspaper and place it in the center of the grill. The newspaper burns very quickly, and the flame will help the charcoal burn. You can also order half of the newspapers to order olive oil, rapeseed oil or vegetable oil, which can slow down the burning rate and give charcoal more burning time. This DIY solution is a natural alternative to lighter oils.


Put small dry wood, firewood or small wooden blocks used to make fire in newspapers, all of which have lower fire points that help to ignite charcoal.


Place 3-4 charcoal on top of the dry wood near the center and ignite the newspaper from several places. You will find that the dry wood is easily ignited by the newspaper and slowly ignites the charcoal.


Slowly add more chopped charcoal, and once more charcoal begins to burn, you can start adding more pieces of charcoal.


A small carbon oven usually requires 25-30 charcoal; a medium-sized carbon oven requires about 40 charcoal; a large carbon oven requires 1-2 bags of charcoal.


Wait until most charcoal surfaces are grayish white or gray, and when the inside of the charcoal is bright red, you can start the barbecue.