Kamado BBQ ceramic grill oven legs universal wheel enjoys mobile convenience

- Aug 09, 2019-

The bottom of the kamado BBQ ceramic grill can lock the universal wheel, which can move at 360 degrees at will, or set a stable position like Taishan. It is a combination of flexibility, convenience and security. Whether it is a small gathering of 5 or 6 friends on the terrace, or a courtyard party of more than 20 people, it can spare no effort to accompany the left and right, the well-deserved terrace courtyard original ecological barbecue weapon.


We enjoy the convenience brought by modern technology, and also pursue the sense of fulfillment brought by the classic tradition. This kind of life value coincides with our quality leisure concept. We believe that the quality of life will be accompanied by the increasing innovation of technology, but the original ecological pleasure of pursuing leisure life is unchanging, and even in the modern city, the enjoyment of the urban back garden is more precious. The ceramic oven we produce is to bring the classic charcoal grilled delicious food to the modern leisure life, and use a stove of ancient taste to feel the birds and flowers in the urban jungle.