Kamado ceramic charcoal grill to find the original taste of barbecue

- Aug 05, 2019-

On the basis of inheriting the classic original charcoal grilled delicious taste, the ceramic charcoal grill is dedicated to the higher level of barbecue and leisure enjoyment. It combines the original American charcoal grilled, grilled and smoked in one, which is perfect.


The kamado ceramic charcoal grill body has a wall thickness of 2.6cm, and the surface of the black glaze ceramic is bright and full, and the calmness is more wise. Its thick furnace wall can be kept for a long time, the heat is evenly balanced, it stimulates the natural flavor of the food, and at the same time locks the raw juice of the food, so that the traditional coke is full in the mouth. And the ceramic stove can inject trace elements into the food during the barbecue to help the health.


Classic barbecue, not the roadside skewers, but the traditional grilled and smoked, grilled is to use the stove cover to hold the barbecue, can make the food outside the coke is delicious, smoked is low temperature and must be indirect Grilled, grilled food is rich in flavor, tender and easy to tear. The same point to satisfy both is the large oven and must be equipped with a lid, and a ceramic charcoal oven is your choice.