Maintenance precautions for gas commercial grills

- Oct 23, 2019-

Gas commercial grills are widely used, and there are many night marketes. In order to keep the gas grill clean and safe, you need to maintain the grill. Here are some tips for keeping the gas grill.

1. The gas grill should dry the water and start to roast after preheating;

2, the gas grill is used in a relatively dry place, the wet low file will affect the circuit work or performance;

3. Apply a layer of oil on the grilling grid of the gas grill to prevent food from sticking to the net;

4, the food should be dried in the water in the barbecue, not only delicious, but also fast;

5. After use, wait for complete cooling to clean up, avoid grease or food residue sticking, and increase the difficulty of cleaning;

6, the heat pipe contaminated grease can be scrubbed with a dishcloth detergent, do not use hard objects, avoid water immersion into the heat pipe port;

7. The gas commercial barbecue oven should be exposed to the sun for a period of time, and then placed after being packaged;

8. The packaged gas grill should be placed in a cool and ventilated place, pay attention to prevent falling;

9. Do not place heavy objects on the gas grill to avoid crushing the grill.

When using a gas grill, always check whether the circuit or gas is safe, and find problems in time to avoid accidents.