Manufacturing method of 15 Kamado grill

- Dec 23, 2019-

At present, due to the poor thermal conductivity of 15" Kamado grill, fuel can be saved, and the external temperature does not burn the contact surface, and the operating temperature is very suitable, so it has been widely used. The inner furnace made of ceramic material will generate irregular cracks due to thermal expansion and cold shrinkage, and the irregular cracks will extend into the range of the inner furnace. Due to the high temperature of the barbecue food and the burning of the charcoal block, the fragmentation will seriously damage the body of the barbecue machine; the charcoal ash falls to the bottom of the stove, which is not convenient to remove from the stove door when cleaning; therefore, a ceramic stove is designed. ICH is not easy to be broken, and easy to remove the carbon ash in the furnace has become an urgent problem.

There are two exhaust ports in the middle of the top of the ceramic stove cover. The two exhaust ports are top and bottom movable disks and round tables. The two exhaust ports are rotatable exhaust ports. The round table and the movable disks rotate axially. The ceramic furnace cover is provided with an open handle, and a wall of the ceramic furnace cover is provided with a thermometer. An inner furnace is provided on the intermediate layer of the metal wire mesh and the grille. The inner furnace is a cylindrical body that passes through the interior. The inner furnace, wire mesh and grille are detachably connected. There are anti-cracking cracks running through the upper and lower ends on the side wall of the inner furnace. The bottom of the ceramic furnace body is provided with an annular ash hopper, which is connected to the ash hopper. The shape ash bucket has a handle. The support frame is fixedly connected to the ceramic, and a movable wheel is arranged at the bottom of the support frame. In addition, the circular platform is a narrow upper and lower platform, and each circular platform and movable plate have five air outlets of the same size and uniform distribution.