Manufacturing method of ceramic grill

- Jul 13, 2020-

At present, the existing ceramic ovens can save fuel due to poor thermal conductivity, and the external temperature does not scald the contacts. The operating temperature is very suitable, so it is widely used. The internal fireplace made of ceramic materials is due to thermal expansion and contraction. Irregular cracks will occur, and the extent of irregular cracks will crack the inner fireplace. Due to the high temperature of grilled food and burning charcoal blocks, the body of the grill will be injured in severe cases; burnt charcoal ash will fall into the furnace At the bottom, it is inconvenient to pull it out of the furnace door during cleaning; therefore, it is an urgent problem to design a ceramic grill with an internal fireplace that is not easy to crack and easy to remove char.

The ceramic barbecue stove is characterized by comprising a ceramic furnace body, a ceramic furnace cover, an inner furnace and a support frame. A hoop is provided outside the cornice of the ceramic furnace body and the ceramic furnace cover. The ceramic furnace covers are hinged to each other by a hinge, and a ring of temperature-resistant felt is glued to the cornice where the ceramic furnace body and the ceramic furnace cover are joined to each other, the ceramic furnace body is provided with a storage plate, the storage plate and the hoop It is fixedly connected by a connecting rod. The bottom of the ceramic furnace body is provided with a vent, the one vent is provided with a sliding baffle, the sliding baffle can be moved parallel to the left and right, and a clamping slot and two are provided inside the ceramic furnace body A card slot, the one card slot and the two card slots are respectively provided with a wire mesh and a grill that are in accordance with the size of the one card slot and the two card slots;

There are two vents in the middle of the top of the ceramic furnace cover, the two vents are movable disc and round table in order from top to bottom, the two vents are rotatable vents, the round table and the movable circle The disk rotates the shaft, the ceramic furnace cover is provided with a lid opening handle, and the wall of the ceramic furnace cover is provided with a thermometer;

The inner layer of the barbed wire and the grill is provided with an inner furnace. The inner furnace is a cylindrical body penetrating inside. The inner furnace, the barbed wire, and the grill can be detachably connected. The side wall is provided with an anti-shattering crack through the upper and lower ends in the up and down direction;

An annular ash hopper is provided at the bottom of the ceramic furnace body, and the annular ash hopper is provided with a handle. The support frame and the ceramic are fixedly connected, and a movable wheel is provided at the bottom of the support frame.

Further, the circular table is an upper narrower and lower wider circular table, and each of the circular table and the movable disc has five vent holes of the same size and uniformly distributed.

Further, the support frame is provided with five evenly distributed tripods, the tripods are fixedly connected by a cross, and there are five movable wheels.

Further, the inner diameter of the annular ash hopper is the same as the inner diameter of the inner furnace.

Further, there are three storage plates.

Its beneficial effects are:

The combination of the lower furnace and the furnace cover can achieve closed grilling, keep food clean, and maintain the temperature during grilling. By observing the index of the thermometer, adjust the temperature of one vent and two vents to control the temperature during grilling; Anti-cracking prevents the internal furnace from cracking when the temperature is too high to ensure the safety during use. The ceramic grill is equipped with a support frame and a storage plate, which is convenient to move during use. Place grilled food and seasoning on the storage plate, saving Space, and the ring ash hopper can be taken out from a vent during use, and the residual carbon ash is poured out, which is convenient for cleaning.