Matters needing attention in the firepower adjustment of smokeless grills

- Jun 15, 2020-

1. After the food is cooked, the fire power should be reduced or temporarily shut down in time. The main reason is to avoid drying the grill plate for a long time, so that the food is easy to paste and the grill plate is easy to age.

2.After the barbecue, the fan needs to be turned on in time, mainly for the purpose of exhausting smoke and cooling the oven.

3. After the barbecue is finished, the switch needs to be turned off in time.

According to the above introduction, when the customer is roasting, the smokeless grill needs to be quickly heated to a certain temperature, and the time can be adjusted uniformly according to the fire conditions. After the roasting is completed, the smokeless grill will maintain its temperature. it is good.