Necessary for barbecue grill

- Feb 21, 2020-

1) Gloves. There are silica gel and fireproof cloth. 2) Carbon clip. When you need to add charcoal when baking, the red charcoal net will become the most worth thinking. 3) Silica gel brush, the price is not cheap 10-100 yuan. If you still use a brush to spread oil on the sauce, I ask you, do you know what kind of hair it is? How dirty the hair is? It's basically only used once after the oil is applied, which is not conducive to environmental protection. It's really worth your consideration to choose a long-term and healthy silica gel brush. 4) For the food clip with knife function, pay attention to the high temperature during barbecue, otherwise the good mood will be gone for a while. The small food needs to be changed in size and position during barbecue. The multi-functional barbecue can help you to put on the line lightly. If you still bring a knife during barbecue, you are really good enough.