Note for 15 Kamado grill

- Oct 14, 2019-

1) This product is a ceramic fragile product. Please handle it gently during handling or use. Pay attention to safety.

2) This product must be used in an outdoor ventilated area.

3) Keep away from any flammable or explosive materials when using.

4) After selecting the position, press the two brakes on the tripod pulley. Prevent the oven from moving.

5) For safety reasons, please use a long lighter to ignite.

6) Please choose organic charcoal to extend the burning time and reduce the smoke.

7) When using, do not put too much charcoal in one time.

8) For safe use, wear heat-resistant gloves.

9) When using the grill, open the lid slowly, to prevent backfire, sparks, smoke and other injuries.

10) Keep children or pets at a safe distance when using.

11) After use, do not leave until the charcoal fire is extinguished.

12) Fire extinguishing method: stop adding fuel, close the vent, and do not use water to extinguish.

13) After use, wait until it is completely cooled before covering with a tarpaulin.

14) If not used for a long time, please put it indoors.

15) Regularly check the integrity of the oven, safety, and replace the new oven if necessary.