Operation method of four smokeless barbecue grill

- Oct 21, 2020-

1. Before use, the air inlet interface should be connected to the air source, and the connection should be sealed, firm and reliable.

2. Connect one end of the converter with 220V input and 12V output to 220V voltage, and plug the other end into the furnace body, and turn on the power.

3. Connect the air source, turn the knob counterclockwise, and ignite with a firing gun.

4. At the time of ignition, the light blue flame moves back and forth, which is a normal phenomenon. After a while, it will turn red (with a small flame) and infrared radiation heat.

5. Put one-third of the water in the basin before grilling the food, so there will be no oily smoke when grilling.

6. When grilling food, the firepower can be adjusted slightly (just adjust the knob) to meet the needs of users.

7. After the smokeless grill is operated, turn the switch clockwise to turn off the burner flame and then turn off the air source, pull out the power plug, and cut off the power.https://www.evergrillw.com/