Other considerations for barbecue

- Jun 03, 2020-

 If you can bring a steam oven and cook a delicious bowl of soup, it will add a lot to the picnic. Fruits, juices, and wine (if you drive, you must not drink alcohol) are also indispensable. Other fast foods can also be brought to meet the requirements of different people. If you bring a child, you must pay attention to safety. It is the nature of the child to love to move. Instead of letting him move, it is better to let him cook something by himself. Just greet him by the side, maybe the child will cook more than you It's better. If the child is too young, don't let him get close to the fire to avoid burns. Don't let your child do it when introducing carbon. Outdoor barbecue is best to be carried out with activities such as fishing, green riding, cycling, bird watching, stargazing, plant classification, radio communication, etc. It will be more fun. It is a good idea to wear a few hammocks, especially children will love it. If you have the conditions to bring a mat or moisture-proof mat, you can sit and lie comfortably, and it is available in outdoor stores. It is estimated to be around 70-80.

 Bring some wet tissues and facial tissues and paper cups. Bring enough drinking water. Bringing scald medicine is still necessary, and the purple flowers from Shandong are recommended. Since it is a barbecue in the wild, the clothing should conform to the wild environment and be casually dressed. It is best not to wear leather shoes or chemical fiber clothing. Mars that pops up can easily burn chemical fiber clothing. If the carbon in the oven is not completely burned, it must be extinguished, reserved for the next use, or poured into the trash. If you ca n’t find the trash, it ’s best to bury it, do n’t just throw it away. Don't forget to clean the site after grilling and keep the environment hygienic. If a bonfire is lit, bury it, step on it, and restore it to its original appearance. Knowing so many things, all you have to do is one thing: find the right weather, bring what you prepared, and go! As long as you experience it, your barbecue technology will increase in a few times, and you will understand the real fun of barbecue. It should be reminded that barbecue is not a healthy way of eating, usually do not eat more.