Outdoor barbecue skills to keep in mind

- Aug 24, 2020-

Nowadays, barbecue is part of our daily diet. With the continuous exchange of world culture, different flavors of barbecue, such as American, Japanese, and Korean, are gradually being understood by the Chinese people. Korean barbecue pays attention to the original flavor, supplemented by different sauces. Korean barbecue is mainly determined by the juice of the marinated ingredients and the juice of the dipping after the ingredients are roasted. Of course, after different raw materials are used with different marinades and dips, different flavor characteristics will be formed. Korean barbecue is usually fried until half-cooked or just cooked, which reflects the tender and refreshing taste. Korean barbecue restaurants are very popular in China, just like Korean dramas and Korean beauty, it is almost a fashionable word.

Japanese BBQ is Teppanyaki. The origin of teppanyaki is invented by the Spanish in the 15th and 6th centuries. It was later spread by the Spanish to Mexico and California in the American continent. Until the beginning of the twentieth century, a Japanese-American introduced the cooking technique of teppanyaki cooked food to Japan and improved it to today. The most famous thing is Teppanyaki. Japanese ovens are the most perfect in design. There are two types of desktop and floor-to-ceiling ovens. Most of the products have non-stick coating pans. You can roast, fry, or cook everything on the pan. Most of the ovens produced by domestic factories are based on Japanese oven styles.

American barbecue is embodied in Bush’s barbecue diplomacy. During the peak of outdoor barbecue in August, President Bush will choose this opportunity to return to his Texas ranch for vacation, and develop the family-style backyard barbecue into his diplomatic weapon to entertain visitors. The foreign leaders of China have become a special "state banquet." American barbecue represents the barbecue habit of Europe and America. Most of the grills exported from China to Europe and America are represented by large, gas-fired, atmospheric and expensive grills, which are mainly suitable for courtyard buffets with a large number of people in their villa courtyards.

Chinese barbecue has a long history, with a wide variety of flavors, including ten major flavors such as spicy, sauce, fresh, wine, and onion. One of the most famous is Xinjiang’s barbecue culture. As soon as summer comes, the hot scenes of barbecue stalls on the streets and alleys can see its popularity...

Outdoor barbecue items must be available

Outdoor barbecues have to be prepared on their own. There are three most important points: food, stove, and charcoal fire. Barbecue shanks, meat, oil and other supplies must be purchased from trusted restaurants or supermarkets. Stoves and skewers can be rented from barbecue shops, and charcoal can be purchased from large supermarkets or farmers markets. Wet paper towels and a small fan must be brought along. Seasonings such as chili, cumin, and honey can be carried in appropriate amounts according to the taste. A large number of sturdy garbage bags should be prepared, and a sufficient amount of beverage mineral water should be prepared.

Grilling skills to keep in mind

Usually when I go to barbecue, the boss cooks it and delivers it to the table. It is not so easy to switch to doing it yourself. At least one person must know how to make a charcoal fire. To make a fire, you don’t just throw the matches in the stove. You have to fan them along the wind until the black charcoal turns into red charcoal. It is best to cut the purchased lamb into cubes in advance and put it in a fresh-keeping box, and then put it into skewers when it arrives at the barbecue site. This is not only conducive to meat preservation, but also saves space.

Some outdoor barbecuers just look at an open space on the side of the street. Regardless of whether there is a safety hazard in the surroundings, they set up a stove and start a business in a smoke-filled area. They also randomly set up the oven and seats to occupy the road. The phenomenon is very common. This not only affects the image of the city, but also severely hinders traffic, leaving many hidden dangers to safety accidents. What's more serious is that there is still the problem of unlicensed operation, and relevant departments should strengthen supervision over this. Some people also went to places such as forest areas and reservoir areas where barbecues were strictly prohibited by the state, and they also carried out barbecues in a "raging fire". These bad outdoor barbecue behaviors not only cause a lot of inconvenience to others, but also lay huge safety hazards to the occurrence of fires and traffic accidents, and some are even suspected of breaking the law.https://www.evergrillw.com/