Pay attention to the safety of the operation of the grill

- May 22, 2020-

1. Check before use

    Before using the gas grill, check whether the gas or gas connection is tight, and check whether the pipeline is damaged, and there is no problem before continuing to use it.

2. Keep the residue oil basin moist

    After checking the pipes and joints, continue to check the residue basin to see if there is a small amount of water in it. If there is no need to participate, always keep it moist. Check after a while, add water after drying.

3. Valve opening and burning

    Turn on the gas or natural gas valve, press the knob switch in the correct direction to burn, let go after success, this is the rotary switch to adjust the firepower. If the incineration is not successful, repeat the above incineration process until successful. After successful, the incineration board will be ignited entirely, with a light blue flame on it, which is a very thin layer at first. It will gradually disappear after 60 seconds, and it will be turned into an open flame.

4. Turn off the fire

After using the barbecue, turn off the fire or gas and recycle it.