Pay attention when using barbecue grills

- Jul 01, 2020-

Outdoor barbecue must first prepare food. The food used for barbecue usually includes meat, seafood, vegetables, fruits and pasta and soy products. Also prepare things for grilling, such as grilling nets, grills, charcoal, drills, knives, fish clips, toothpicks, etc.  

Common barbecue seasonings include cumin powder, salt and pepper, black pepper powder, chili powder, blended oil, and syrup. You can also choose different barbecue sauces according to your preference.

It is especially important to choose a safe barbecue address: not all places can barbecue, and some forest areas, scenic spots and reservoirs are prohibited from barbecues, so when choosing a place, you must pay attention to safety, be careful of fire prevention, and protect the environment from waste Pollution of green nature.

There are some tricks to master when grilling. For example, after the charcoal is burned, don’t rush to grill the food. You should grill the grill first, and then start grilling the food after the charcoal is red. Don't rush to brush the oil for the freshly baked meat food. Wait for the food to heat up and tighten, then brush the oil. Don't brush too much oil. The rule is not to drip oil after brushing.

The last thing to remind is that if the charcoal fire in the furnace is not burned out, the remaining fire must be completely quelled. Never throw it away at will to avoid causing an outdoor fire.