Pizza stove and baking oven difference

- Sep 23, 2019-

With the progress of society, people's living standards have also changed, and the increasing style of food has made people pay more attention to taste. The Italian pizza was popular among people. In order to make the pizza taste more delicious, people improved the baking oven and invented the pizza oven.

The heating principle and heating effect of the pizza oven and the oven are very different. The outdoor grill manufacturer tells you the difference between the pizza oven and the baking oven:

The gas pizza furnace furnace materials are: furnace top (high temperature refractory fiber products), bottom plate (imported lava rock, volcanic stone), easy to operate. There are many heating methods (electricity, natural gas, liquefied gas, fruit wood, charcoal), which reduces energy consumption. The pizza oven has the characteristics of fast heat absorption and good atomization effect. It lasts for 3 minutes, saves a lot of time. It can control the temperature during baking and is equipped with a temperature controller. The independent temperature of each layer can be controlled and controlled, and any constant temperature control. It is free to maintain a certain temperature, the maximum temperature can reach 500 °C, so that the taste of the pizza is better and delicious. Pizza stoves are equipped with pizza slabs. In addition to baking pizza, you can also bake a lot of things, such as bread, egg tarts, chicken wings, chicken legs, which are all possible, completely replacing the baking oven.

The inner material of the baking oven is mostly the electrolytic plate in the zinc alloy furnace. The heating method is heating by the electric heating tube. The temperature is generally adjusted within the range of 50-250 °C. The temperature can not be adjusted automatically, although the pizza can be baked but the effect is not baked. The pizza oven with pizza slate has a good effect, the fire is hard to control, and the taste and taste of the pizza are not as delicious as the pizza oven.

In general, the pizza oven is more convenient and economical to use than the baking oven. The taste of the pizza oven is better and more delicious.