Precautions for installing the grill

- May 15, 2020-

In addition to the necessary fire-fighting measures, the installation site of the barbecue grill also needs to keep a certain distance from the surrounding appliances. So it is usually installed in a wide area outside the house, and if necessary when using it, it is necessary to install corresponding protective devices.

When we use it in the house, we must keep a certain distance from people, and also keep away from flammable and explosive items to avoid fire due to accidents. Also, pay attention to whether there is an open flame near the grill, and if found, clean it up in time.

When installing a grill with gas as the heat source, the gas pipeline should be laid where the naked eye can see, which is conducive to real-time detection of the condition of the pipeline and avoid accidents. We must abide by these matters and minimize hidden dangers.