Precautions in transportation of barbecue stove

- Feb 12, 2020-

The barbecue equipment shall be handled with care during transportation, and shall not be placed upside down, on the side, under heavy pressure or vibrated violently to avoid damage. During transportation, attention should be paid to the following:
1、 Deformation of baking mesh and baking tray: baking mesh and baking tray are very easy to deform. If they are dropped or touched, they may deform and twist. To solve this problem, just flatten the baking pan or baking mesh on a flat surface.
2、 Shell crack: if the shell cracks or cracks, it can be said that the smokeless barbecue equipment has suffered serious impact, it must be explained to the manufacturer.
3、 Malposition of heating pipe: the heating pipe of smoke-free barbecue equipment is only hung on the shelf. In case of heavy fall, etc., it may lead to the heating pipe skew, malposition, or even short circuit, break, etc., it must be checked clearly.
In addition, if the head of the barbecue stove falls off due to violent vibration and turbulence, please don't panic and directly restore the board.