Principle of Smokeless Electric Barbecue Furnace

- May 20, 2019-

Smokeless BBQ level smoked barbecues should include two levels:

First, there is no chemical emissions when burning: all barbecues that use fuel as a heat source, such as charcoal fire, even if it is fully burnt red charcoal, white charcoal barbecue, and then liquefied gas, medium gas barbecue, even if it burns Full barbecue equipment, no matter how we can't see black smoke, chemical emissions still exist, and the discharged materials still pollute the food and pollute the environment. Among all the heat sources used as barbecues, electricity is the heat source for zui cleaning, and electricity is not used as a heat source for chemical emissions.

Second, there is no generation of soot when grilling: the generation of soot first comes from the heat source body where the oil drops drip at high temperature during the barbecue. If the oil drops drip on the charcoal fire, it drops on the electric heating tube and immediately turns into fumes; secondly, The soot is also derived from the frying process of food. When the food is fried, the oil quality will deteriorate, and it will also produce soot, pollute food and pollute the environment.

Brazier barbecue, such as the barbecue stove for selling kebabs on the street, which has both burning emissions and soot emissions, so zui is harmful, and the liquefied gas grill stove is called smokeless, no matter what we can't see. Black smoke, chemical emissions still exist, and the emitted chemicals still contaminate food.

It is worth noting that some electric barbecue stoves, which are known as smokeless, only eliminate the emission of combustion gases, fail to prevent the generation and emission of soot, and claim to be soot. People tend to be fooled. We can build from the structure of the stove. Judging that it is impossible to achieve smoke-free, first of all, its heating elements are arranged under the barbecue net, the oil droplets of the barbecue food will drip on it, which will inevitably produce soot. Secondly, some barbecue nets with wide and large-format surface will cover the heat. The components, the grilling net actually turned into a half teppanyaki, and it must also produce fried, fried fumes.