Purification function of gas grill

- May 13, 2020-

1. Before use, you should check whether it is connected to the canned liquefied petroleum gas pipeline and whether it can be used after it is firmly connected.

2. Pour appropriate water into the grease collecting basin, insist on a certain amount of water, and avoid monotony. It is assumed that after the water has dried, the oven chassis must be pulled out, and then the appropriate amount of water should be added.

3. Turn on the gas main valve, then turn on the red switch on the right side of the oven, and unscrew it to the left, light the ceramic plate with the incinerator, and turn on the fan of the oven.

4. Light the confession. When the incinerator lights the ceramic plate, you can see a bunch of flames rushing to the burning plate, lighting all the burning plates. Assuming that there is no light blue flame on the ceramic board, this is not lit, please burn it from the beginning until it is lit intermittently. A thin flame was visible on the surface of the burning board at first, and the flame gradually receded after about 1 minute, showing no open flame and redness and heat.

5. After use, the main gas source switch and all incineration switches should be turned off.