Real smokeless grill is the natural gas barbecue grill

- Aug 12, 2019-

Many people will care about the smoke generated during the barbecue during the barbecue, especially when the food oil, moisture or seasonings are dripping on the barbecue fire, it will always produce smoky smoke, too thick smoke or even smoke. Blocks the line of sight and causes the food surface to burn black. In the chemical concept, fog is a small liquid particle, and smoke is a small solid particle. It is a solid small particle of phosphorus pentoxide produced by the combustion of phosphorus. The smoke is very complicated and has various types. Outdoor barbecues produce three types of smoke: dripping oil, fuel-derived smoke, and wood-based smoke.


Natural gas barbecue grills are good at avoiding the smoke caused by fuel and charcoal, and only produce some normal fumes. At present, outdoor barbecue has become the mainstream activity for everyone to enjoy leisure life. The current mainstream barbecue appliances are basically charcoal ovens, gas ovens, electric ovens, electric ovens, which are basically used in ventilated rooms because of power restrictions. Both the oven and the gas oven are suitable for outdoor barbecue. In addition to the smokelessness, the gas grilling has other unique points that are not available in the charcoal oven.