Several common styles of smokeless grills

- Jul 15, 2020-

1) Smoking test

It is mainly divided into old-style shallow deep-sucking smokeless barbecue trucks, especially the shallow-sucking type is the main object of elimination. It is an ordinary exhaust fan, which directly discharges the oil smoke outdoors. The biggest problem of deep suction type hood is that it takes up space, it is noisy, it is easy to meet, the oil drip is not cleaned, the service life is short, the cleaning is not convenient, and it has great environmental pollution.

2) Smoking measurement with single slit Use multi-layer oil net to filter {5-7 layers}, increase the motor power to achieve the best effect, the general power is above 200 watts. The characteristics are: beautiful appearance, expensive price, suitable for high-end user groups. Most of them are flat-mesh filter oil nets with hanging installation structure.

3) Get on the smoking barbecue car

The advantage is that it is not easy to meet, the appearance is fashionable, young people like it, the disadvantage is that the suction is small, the bottom is easy to accumulate oil, and it is not suitable for regular use

With the advancement of modern industrial automatic control technology, it provides support for modern smart kitchens and leads modern kitchens into a smoke-free and environmentally friendly energy-saving era.