Six points for attention of gas grill oven

- Mar 16, 2020-

1. Before using the gas oven, it is necessary to install a smoking pipe in the heart and lead the pipe to the outside so that there is no residual oil smoke in the studio.
2. The core of the air tank used shall be equipped with a household pressure reducing valve equipped with the equipment, and the joints shall be free from leakage gas. At the same time, it is not allowed to touch the heat source to bake around the air tank, and it is not allowed to store dangerous goods to avoid explosion.
3. During the operation of the gas oven, the operator is not allowed to leave the gas duck oven. If the combustion gas in the oven is found to be off, the ignition switch shall be turned off, the air source valve shall be turned off, the cause shall be found out and eliminated, and the gas breath in the oven shall be blown out before ignition.
4. The gas oven shall be connected with safety protection ground wire.
5. In the room where the gas oven is used, the premise of ventilation is very good.
6. It is strictly prohibited to use air leakage and back seal.