Six reasons to choose a gas grill

- Jan 20, 2020-

First, gas barbecue is the most environmentally friendly and energy saving

Energy saving and environmental protection are the main melody of the current social development. While experiencing deliciousness and beauty in outdoor barbecue activities, of course, we must also uphold an environmentally friendly and energy-saving citizenship awareness, and penetrate this awareness throughout the barbecue activities. Objectively speaking, it is also the barbecue fuel that promotes delicious production. Most of the charcoal is burned from wood such as plant straws and trees, which will cause damage and waste to wood to a certain extent. Gas and solid impurities will be produced during combustion. Gas is In the process of extracting and refining petroleum, a clean energy source obtained as a by-product, it is clear that gas is more environmentally friendly and energy-saving than charcoal.

Second, the gas barbecue is very hygienic and healthy

Whether it is a kitchen stove or a gas oven, gas is used. As a general name for gas, gas is mainly divided into three categories: liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas, and gas. Kitchen stoves mostly use natural gas with special pipelines. Or canned gas, and most of the outdoor gas stoves are portable small cans of alpine liquefied gas. These different types of gas cylinders are mainly composed of alkanes, of which methane accounts for the majority and a small amount Ethane, propane and butane.

Third, gas barbecue operation is simple and fast

The prelude to charcoal, that is, the ignition of charcoal is cumbersome and time-consuming, and the ignition of charcoal may be required more than once during the entire grilling process. The temperature of different stages of grilling will also be different. Be cautious and grasp at all times, slightly unskilled roasters During the grilling process, it is easy to have food scorching or food embarrassment, so it is usually messy and messy when baking.

The gas grill basically does not require a prelude. You can start grilling the food by turning off the switch. Ignite in 3 seconds, and the gastronomic entrance in 10 minutes.

And the temperature is very easy to control during the whole barbecue process.

Fourth, the gas barbecue equipment is fine and easy to carry

When grilling in a charcoal grill, generally three or five people travel, at least one box of charcoal (about 3kg) should be prepared. The mechanism charcoal can generally burn for 60-120 minutes after ignition.

Outdoor gas ovens often use high-altitude liquefied gas tanks, which are easier to carry. Currently common specifications are 110g, 230g, 450g, 110g gas tank can burn about 40 minutes, 230g gas tank can burn about 1.5 hours, 450g gas tank Can burn for about 3.5 hours.

For courtyard-type or above gas ovens, household gas tanks are generally sufficient.

V. Fuel for gas barbecue is very safe

Many people will worry that the gas tank used in the gas oven is like a bomb from time to time, especially the news of the explosion of various gas tanks in recent years is daunting. In fact, when using gas tank-type stoves to grill, as long as Select and properly use the gas tanks and gas pipes produced by regular brand merchants. This barbecue experience is very safe.Six, gas barbecue is very easy to clean

Charcoal oven will generate impurities such as char ash during use. Try to avoid windy weather or air vents when grilling to prevent char ash from flying out and contaminating the food. After the charcoal grilling, the care is also more complicated Cleaners will be more painful. Therefore, it is recommended to choose an oven with an enamel coating as much as possible. It will be easier to clean.

Gas roasting does not contaminate food during the operation. It is relatively hygienic. After grilling, it only needs to be simply cleaned up without any worries. This is also one of the unique advantages of gas ovens loved by senior roasters.