Slide in single side burner is easy to use

- Jul 19, 2019-

Everyone loves to eat barbecue, because the high temperature of the barbecue can make the ingredients react with Maillard, let the ingredients focus outside, tender inside, and have a special flavor. Summer is here, many foodies who love barbecues want to go out to barbecue with their friends. There are many types of barbecue stoves. From the perspective of fuel, there are charcoal, gas, electricity, ethanol and wood. The most commonly used ones are charcoal, gas ovens and electric ovens. Everyone is familiar with charcoal grills and electric ovens. Today we mainly introduce slide in single side burner.


There isn't an absolutely good BBQ for everyone. So before you buy, think about what you will mainly barbecue, and then look at the budget. To choose to facilitate cleaning, external cleaning may not be important, but internal cleaning is important. Otherwise it will destroy the food or cause the oil to catch fire.


Usually everyone needs a plate-sized oven area to barbecue a meal. If the dual zone is set, multiply this area by 2. According to the number of people you need to receive, evaluate how big the grill is.


The best ovens are handled by black matte. Thicker steels hold and distribute heat relatively better than thin steel or raw aluminum. Don't buy a grill with paint because it can peel off and peel off. The powder coating is thicker and longer lasting. Enamel is another very good coating that is heat resistant. But it is fragile and easy to fall off.


The slide in single side burner is easier to control and more convenient than the charcoal grill. The novice can use the embedded single-sided oven to practice.