Smoke-free grill maintenance and cleaning method

- Jun 10, 2020-

The better the maintenance of the smokeless grill, the longer it will be used, and the better the effect of purification and energy saving. Its working principle is that the oil smoke processed by the fan through the oil fume purifier is discharged to the outside. The price of different types of grills There are also highs and lows, mainly because of how much raw materials are used, but no matter which model it is, the maintenance method is roughly as follows:

① A special person should be set up to take charge of the routine maintenance of the smokeless grill to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

②Dump the oil stain in the oil storage tank (box) regularly according to the amount of oil smoke. Generally check the oil storage tank (box) every other week, and dump the oil pollution in time to prevent the oil pollution from overflowing.

③Appropriate amount of household detergent gently scrub the surface of the shell and wipe it clean with water.

④According to the user's situation, generally remove the air inlet baffle on the stove every other month to clean the grease inside.

⑤Do not bump or damage, please contact the manufacturer when you encounter problems that cannot be solved by yourself, do not repair them without authorization.

⑥ Under long-term use, a large amount of grease has been stored in the purifier of the smokeless grill, and people should be arranged to clean it in time.

The smokeless grill has a high oil mist removal function, which is clean, hygienic and easy to manage. Strengthen daily maintenance, cleaning can be faster, and will also reduce the number of repairs and costs.