Smokeless barbecue stove fire regulation should be noted and cleaning reasons

- Sep 20, 2019-

In order to ensure the deliciousness of the food and the safety of the customers when grilling on the smokeless grill, it is crucial to control the firepower of the smokeless grill.

Before grilling the food in the grill, turn on the switch. At this time, the oven is illuminated with a high-powered heating lamp. After preheating for 2-3 minutes, the barbecue can be started. The grill manufacturer reminds you that you need to pay attention to some related matters at this time:

First, after the food is cooked, the firepower should be reduced or temporarily closed. It is mainly necessary to avoid drying the barbecue tray for a long time, so that the food is easy to paste and the baking tray is easy to age.

Second, after the barbecue, it is necessary to open the fan in time, mainly to have the function of exhausting smoke and cooling the oven.

Third, the barbecue needs to be closed in time after the end of the barbecue.

According to the above introduction, when the customer is baking, it is necessary to rapidly heat the smokeless grill to reach a certain temperature. The waiting time can be uniformly adjusted according to the situation of the fire, and the baking is completed, so that the smokeless grill maintains its temperature. it is good.

Smokeless grills can be used as a modern trend. Its environmental protection and practicality have always been the top priority of people. However, sometimes there are some problems in the use process. In order to ensure the normal use of the equipment, we need to timely Cleaning and repair, in order to be able to repair quickly, this requires an understanding of the cause.

There is a problem with the smokeless grill. When the purifier is in normal operation, the electric field emits a slight continuous and stable  electrostatic discharge sound, the green light is not bright, and the red light is on. When the purifier is working, the high-pressure discharge sound of occurs by chance, which is a normal phenomenon. When the purifier is in use, the green light is suddenly turned off and the red light is on, indicating that the purifier needs to be cleaned.

If not cleaned, the purifier will automatically recognize and enter the protection state. When the purifier is in use, the red light is on and the green light is off. This indicates that the purifier has entered the automatic protection state and stops working. After cleaning the electric field, the purifier can enter normal working condition. The electric field is working normally. Check whether the polarity of the electric field is reversed, the negative pole is connected to the pole line, and the positive pole is connected to the pole plate. When the electric field is working, the sound is slight, and the high voltage module has a problem and is replaced. There is more dirt on the electric field and it is removed. The high voltage generator module is damaged. The input power is normal, the delay circuit is normal, the electric field has no sound after the delay, the fault light is on, and the reset circuit keeps moving, indicating that the high voltage module is damaged and needs to be replaced. The reset switch of the fault protection module is in the final protection state, short circuit in the electric field, and clear the short circuit point. The electric field is too fouled and needs to be cleaned.

When the smokeless grill is faulty, first check whether the equipment needs cleaning, to avoid equipment failure caused by not cleaning in time, and at the same time, when the equipment is purchased, the merchant wants to know the cleaning method and cleaning time, and timely clean the treatment.