Smokeless charcoal grill magical

- May 30, 2019-

The so-called smokeless charcoal grill is a carbon-baked purifying grilling stove. The traditional charcoal grilling method does not change the grilled taste of the food. The range hood of the oven uses a high-power centrifugal fan to absorb all the barbecue fumes. Inside the gasifier, after the low-temperature plasma purification treatment, the oil and gas are separated, and the oil leaks out through the oil leakage port and the other part adheres to the insulating plate inside the purifier, and needs regular cleaning to ensure the working efficiency and service life of the purifier. The rest is that the airflow can't see the smoke from the naked eye, and it will be discharged from the chimney part of the smokeless charcoal grill to achieve the effect of smokeless purification.