Taboo of barbecue grill

- Mar 02, 2020-

1、 Do not use paint or carved chopsticks. The paint on chopsticks contains lead, benzene and other chemicals, which are harmful to health. The carved chopsticks look beautiful, but they are easy to hide dirt, grow bacteria and are not easy to clean.
2、 Do not use all kinds of designs and colors of porcelain to hold the ingredients. The best ingredients are glassware. Color porcelain contains lead, benzene and other pathogenic and carcinogenic substances. With the aging and decay of porcelain, radon in pattern pigment pollutes food and is harmful to human body.
3、 Avoid cooking green beans in an iron pot. Because the mung bean contains element tannin, it will become black tannin iron when encountering iron under high temperature, which makes the mung bean soup black and has special smell, which not only affects appetite and taste, but also is harmful to human body.
4、 Do not boil traditional Chinese medicine in stainless steel or iron pot. Because traditional Chinese medicine contains many kinds of alkaloids and biochemical substances, it will react with stainless steel or iron under heating conditions, which will make the medicine invalid and even produce certain toxicity.
5、 Do not use ebony or wood with peculiar smell as cutting board. Ebony contains peculiar smell and toxic substances. It not only pollutes dishes, but also easily causes vomiting, dizziness and abdominal pain. Therefore, the first choice of wood for making anvil is white fruit wood, saponifia, birch and willow.