The advantages of Stainless Steel Charcoal Barbecue Grill

- Mar 17, 2021-

Choose according to the size of the grill. Certainly some people think that the smaller the portable is, the better, but the factor of the number of barbecues must also be considered. Therefore, the size of the barbecue can be determined according to the number of barbecues each time when purchasing, so that everyone can eat a delicious barbecue. Whether with oil guide and anti-smoke device. When grilling, the meat will drip oil, the oil will smoke when it falls on the hot stone, and the smoke will produce bad taste when it sticks to the food. Therefore, the furnace should have some kind of equipment to catch the oil, and then let the oil flow out of the furnace. Whether with a thermometer. In barbecue recipes, we often see what temperature and how long to cook. If there is no thermometer, we can only rely on guessing. In this way, it is difficult to judge whether the food is cooked.