The barbecue industry should pay attention to bringing the results to market and form industrialization

- Oct 07, 2019-

Nowadays, the food hygiene of the barbeque is actually worrying. A harmless barbecue stove is your care for your family's health. The ultra-long single-piece flower stand is refined and easy to move, and can be used with all kinds of smallest pots. Charcoal grills rely on open flames to heat food, so pay attention to the safety of fire. Charcoal grill summary: In the field, the best choice is still charcoal grill. If it is a charcoal grill, remember to purchase smoke-free, which can reduce the risk of smoke at the highest level; in addition, you can place aluminum foil on the grill. Block the carcinogens that are missing from the gap, and pay attention to the need to completely save after use, to guard against mountain fires. . Reasons for collaboration: Due to the huge development prospects of this product, if you want to open up the national and even the world market, relying on my own strength, I can’t do it. If I can do manual transfer and collaboration with a very powerful company, If you buy shares, you will be able to achieve a win-win situation and grow together.

This product is a barbecue grill prepared directly by barbecue. The heat is directly dip in the grilled food. The remaining oil of the grilled food in the grill immediately drops. The food contains little oil. There is no frying and frying in the grill, so there is no oil. The danger of endurance and high temperature degeneration is also due to the lack of grease, so the food that is grilled is the true barbecue taste.

The patented product is not any barbecue utensils you have ever seen, nor is it grilled in the box like the electric oven. It is a Ming-style grill that is grilled on the stove surface. It can be grilled and grilled. Play, eat, and have fun with traditional barbecues. This kind of microwave that is invisible to the naked eye can penetrate the food up to 5cm deep, and the water molecules in the food also act accordingly. The intense behavior occurs with a large amount of heat energy, so the food is "cooked" cooked. This product has obtained the patents found by the state, and it is the patent passed through the nature inspection of the national patent office. On the way to the barbecue, always turn over and spread the seasoning as much as possible. The door handle is tightly fixed on the glass, and the force is measured by the dynamometer. The force should not be too strong and continue to exert force.