the best way to clean the barbecue

- Jan 13, 2020-

Professional grillers clean the grill before grilling, and often oil the grill and clean the grill. Because the grill is the part of the oven that comes into direct contact with food. In addition to being unpleasant, a dirty grill will harden the food and make it unpalatable.

When cleaning the grill, you can use a long-handled hard wire brush to brush twice vigorously: once after the oven is preheated and before placing the food, preheating the oven can disinfect the grill and loosen food residue on the grill The second time is when the second oven has the temperature at the end of the barbecue. Many wire brushes have a spatula on the other end, which can be used to solve stubborn food residues. Remember, after the oven is preheated, the temperature will heat up your hands during the cleaning process. Remember to wear thick gloves at this time.

Oil the grill:

The food doesn't stick to the grill. The secret is to oil the grill. An oiled grill can make a good grilling effect. There are three ways to oil the grill:

First, use a piece of oil soaked or oiled with a rag, this process is actually a cleaning work for the grill. If you are using a large industrial oven, tie a clean towel or bath towel tightly to one end of the stick and then use it to oil the grill. Make sure the oiled grill has a certain amount of heat. Fold so far small, clamp it with food clips, and immerse it in a bowl filled with oil. Wipe the grill with the oil soaked so far. In this process, you can also remove the residue on the grill.

Second, oil with bacon or fat beef slices. This method will add another flavor to the food, and this method looks quite professional in Japanese style ceramic grills. It's also a cool way to use a food clip to wipe a piece of bacon or fat beef facing you.

Third, or use an injector to inject fuel, this is a fast method. But when using an injector, you have to remove the grill from the fire. When grilling fish, chicken breasts, steaks, and other foods that tend to harden, you must oil the grill. While grilling some foods rich in fat (such as ribs and corn), you can choose to oil the grill.