The correct use method of non-stick grill pan

- Apr 24, 2020-

1. The non-stick bakeware used, rinse and dry with clean water before use. Apply edible oil every time you use the non-stick mold, which can exert its non-stick property and prolong the use time of the coating.

2. The non-stick coating works at high temperature for a long time, the pores will expand, and it will shrink immediately after cooling suddenly, so that the residue will not be hidden inside, eroding the non-stick coating, causing the coating to promote non-stick properties. It is recommended that the baking temperature is lower than 240 degrees, which can extend the service life. To avoid uneven heating, the baking temperature should not exceed 290 degrees and cannot be emptied.

3. Do not leave the baked or unbaked food in the non-stick mold for a long time in the outdoor grill, because the warm air accumulated in the food, the corrosive substances formed by the sugar and oil will corrode and oxidize the bottom of the coating metallic material.

4. After the non-stick bakeware is used, wait for the temperature to drop slightly, and then wash it with clean water instead of cold water. Can not be cleaned with acidic detergent. If stubborn stains are encountered, use sponge or soft cloth to clean. Cut with rough emery cloth or steel wire ball, metal shovel melon cloth for cleaning.

5. Avoid strong collision and friction as much as possible to damage the coating, scratch it, handle it lightly, avoid accumulation, and drag it without sticking to the coating.

6. The hardness, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance of the dura mater treatment are better than the anode treatment. The surface is gray-black, resistant to acid and alkali, strong hardness, easy to maintain and clean, the surface has 50% water separation, that is, it does not stick Sex.

7. Use a dura mat, wash with clean water before starting, dry at 150 degrees, and wipe the surface with a small amount of grease.

8. After use, wash with warm water and keep it dry, do not directly heat with flame, or the baking temperature exceeds 280 degrees.