The development trend of barbecue grill

- Jun 10, 2019-

With the strengthening of environmental protection awareness, the production of environmentally friendly kitchen equipment has become a certain trend, and more and more people pay attention to the environmental protection of the kitchen. Especially in the current classification of waste, many customers require kitchen utensils to be environmentally friendly, not only healthy but also energy-saving.


Environmental protection is first and foremost the overall concept, first of all, lightweight, under the premise of ensuring the strength, rigidity and scale shape of the kitchen equipment, as much as possible to reduce the number of equipment parts, reduce the cross-sectional dimensions of the parts; followed by outdoor barbecue Improve the utilization rate of the cabinet volume and reasonably plan the storage space of the goods; the third is to select the composite structure and give full play to the function of the data; the fourth is to use the disassembly structure as much as possible, which is beneficial to the production and sale, and is also beneficial to the recycling of parts of old furniture. use.