The difference between smokeless grill and charcoal grill

- Jul 03, 2020-

1. When smoking food in a smokeless grill, both the inside and the outside are heated at the same time, so unlike the traditional barbecue grill, it is difficult to control the grilling fire, and it is often half burnt and half uncooked.

2. The charcoal grill material is made of machine-made charcoal, and its solid wood charcoal has no smoke, but the oil of the charcoal grilled food will fall on the charcoal to produce oil smoke. The raw material of the automatic electric oven uses a power supply and a heating plate, which is quickly heated by a high-voltage power supply, causing the food to be baked in a few minutes. There is a water pan at the bottom of the automatic electric oven, and oil fumes will not be generated after the oil fumes fall to the water pan. And the automatic electric oven does not need to install the lower smoke exhaust system, plug and play.

3. The smoke-free barbecue grill promotes the original flavor and effectively maintains the moisture in the food cells. The original flavor of the food grilled in the courtyard barbecue grill is fresh and tender, which is better than the taste of carbon grilling. Consumers can add less or no seasoning according to taste In order to cover up the traces of smoke and fire during the grilling process, traditional barbecue equipment has to rely on a large amount of various spices to prepare, so the taste is heavy.

4. The grilling process is clean, the products are hygienic, and there is no attachment of soot and other debris. It can technically guarantee a yellowish appearance, no crumbs and no black spots, and it is worry-free to eat, letting people say goodbye to the smoky carbon grilling mode.