The future trend of Propane Gas Grill

- Mar 27, 2021-

With the strengthening of awareness of environmental protection, the production of environmentally friendly kitchen equipment has become an inevitable trend, and more and more people pay attention to the environmental protection of kitchen decoration. Especially now that waste sorting is gradually put on the agenda, many customers require kitchenware to be environmentally friendly, not only healthy but also energy saving. Environmental protection is first of all to be done in the overall concept, the first is to reduce the weight, under the premise of ensuring the strength, rigidity and size and shape of the kitchen equipment, the number of equipment parts and the cross-section of the parts are reduced as much as possible; the second is the outdoor barbecue grill. Improve the utilization rate of the cabinet volume and rationally plan the storage space for items; third is to choose a composite structure to give full play to the function of the materials; fourth is to choose a disassembly structure as much as possible, which is not only conducive to production and sales, but also conducive to the recycling of old furniture parts use.