The role and benefits of various grills

- May 06, 2020-

  The grill should be a clear, smoke-free, direct grill electric grill. In summer, barbecue grills are indispensable. You can choose to grill yourself or go to a barbecue shop. So, do you know the effect of barbecue grills?

    It should be a Ming-style grill, otherwise, there will be no visible barbecue fun, it is not a grill, but only a grill box, and second, it should be a smoke-free grill, because the home cannot tolerate the emission of exhaust gas and oil smoke Of course, it should also be a direct grill, otherwise it is teppanyaki and deep fryer, and to achieve the above requirements, as long as the use of electric grill can be achieved. The gas grill is convenient because it does not need to start a fire, so it is powered on. In addition to being used to hold barbecue dinners, it is often convenient to use in daily life. Barbecue grills are not only used to hold barbecue feasts, they can be used everywhere in daily life.

  Barbecue effect

 1. It can be used to make breakfast, toast some bread, fritters, steamed buns, bait noodles, rice cakes, rice cakes, special flavor when baked! With milk, soy milk, porridge, a good breakfast is completed, isn't it very pleasant? Generally, the above barbecue does not need to clean the stove, which is convenient and convenient.

2. At dinner, it is not difficult to grill one or two dishes. Grill a few pieces of meat, grill a fish, roast two pieces of stinky tofu, maybe roast three chicken wings, maybe roast a plate of melon, roast a few leeks It may be convenient to roast an eggplant or spicy spicy for cold salad.

3. For the catering industry: As long as you are on the street, you can grill some lamb skewers, roasted tofu, milk fans, and sell them as snacks. They can be used to make special dishes at dinner, grilled fish, grilled stinky tofu, grilled steak, pork chops ..., It's delicious and unique, and can be compared to the effect of a chef. The introduction of harmless barbecue food will definitely be popular.

 4. Home snacks, midnight snacks: grilled milk fans, dried rice, roasted tofu, ham sausage ..., as long as you want to eat, you can burn them to make snacks and supper There are hundreds of foods that can be grilled. You can do whatever you want. When you have tried many foods, you are a master chef.