The role of barbecue

- Feb 03, 2020-

1. Can be used to make breakfast, toast bread, fried dough sticks, steamed bread, Baizhen, Ciba, niangao, baked out of a different flavor! With milk, soymilk and porridge, a wonderful breakfast will be served. Isn't it very pleasant? Generally, the above barbecue does not need to clean the stove, which is convenient and convenient. 

2. During the dinner, it's not difficult to bake one or two dishes together. It's very convenient to bake a bunch of meat slices, a fish, two pieces of stinky tofu, three chicken wings, a plate of small melon, a few leeks, or an eggplant or a big spicy for cold mixing. 

3. For the catering industry: as long as you are on the street, you can bake lamb kebabs, tofu, milk fans and sell them as snacks in your spare time, and you can use them to make specialty dishes, such as grilled fish, stinky tofu, steak, pork chop, etc , delicious, unique, can be worthy of the role of a chef, the introduction of harmless barbecue food, will definitely be popular.

4. Home snacks, midnight snack: Grill some milk fans, dry, Braised Tofu, ham sausage As long as you want to eat, you can cook it for snacks and night snack.