The technique of igniting barbecue charcoal

- Mar 23, 2020-

Choosing the right barbecue charcoal is only the first step before barbecue. How to burn it quickly and easily is also a good way. At present, the commonly used auxiliary equipment for the ignition of barbecue charcoal includes a fire gun, a wax / solid alcohol pilot, and a fire bucket.
1. The fire gun is the most direct way to light carbon. The buckle type air tank fire gun is widely used in outdoor and daily life. When barbecue, especially when selecting machine-made charcoal for barbecue, the charcoal can be placed in a pyramid shape directly. Pay attention to the gap and smooth ventilation between them. Then use the torch to spray fire at the gap of the charcoal at an angle of 45 degrees. Pay attention to the distance between the torch tip and the charcoal at about 15 cm, so as not to burn the torch tip due to high temperature tempering.
2. The commonly used ignition media are ignition wax and solid alcohol, so there is no need to explain the solid alcohol. The ignition wax is the ignition raw material made of artificial mineral oil. I prefer to use the ignition wax personally, because I always think that the alcohol has a strange taste, and the heat of the ignition wax is higher and the fire power is long, so it's easy to use the carbon.