Three classifications of charcoal grills

- Dec 04, 2019-

The production process of barbecue grills is far from advanced to fully automatic assembly line production, so it requires a lot of workstations and workers. The salary costs incurred by these workers are also one of the determinants of barbecue grill prices. Talk to us this time about the production process of the barbecue network, and see which type of work and station work is the most hard work.

The production process of barbecue nets can be roughly divided into the following processes: weaving, cutting, bending, argon arc welding, spot welding, row welding, deburring, polishing / galvanizing. Frankly, I have experienced these processes. Personally, I think that the hardest work is deburring. The other steps are assisted by a motor. This is repeated for a whole day with arm force alone.

The most demanding skills are TIG welding. An excellent argon arc welder needs to adjust a series of technical parameters such as argon output, current magnitude, tungsten needle thickness and depth, porcelain nozzle orientation and type based on the feeling and experience. A good argon arc welder can achieve the same bright spot as the polished stainless steel barbecue grill welding joint. To do this requires years of experience and learning.