Tips for roasting meat on a smokeless grill

- Jul 24, 2020-

1. If you are ready for home-made barbecue, the choice of smokeless burning stove is the first important thing. When choosing a smokeless combustion furnace, don't make it cheap. Some low-quality smokeless combustion furnace tubes are ordinary halogen lamps, and the grilling speed is particularly slow. After burning, it will exert great smoke to contaminate food. Good high-quality anthracite burning furnace is made of pure stainless steel, and the quality is also very good. Since eating barbecue is the most important in the outer coke and tender, so to choose a good smoke-free burning stove is the basis for enjoying delicious.

2. Before grilling food, brush a layer of oil on the grill to avoid the food sticking to the grill plate and affecting the taste. Of course, of course, the roasting pan made of Maifan stone on the market will not stick to the pan even if there is no oil on the roasting pan. Keep the iron brush to remove the residue on the roasting pan at any time, keep the grill clean, and the ability will not affect the food. the taste of.

3. There are many types of grilled food, and the choice of materials is also very good. Pork: It must be boiled until cooked before it can be eaten. The elected ribs, waist, and hips have a new pork belly with some fat. This way, the roasted meat will not be too dry. Beef: Choose beef ribs, fresh and tender, beef shoulder is the most suitable for roasting tender meat. Whether it is American beef or Australian beef, it is not suitable to be roasted to fully cooked food, which will destroy the freshness of the meat. Chicken: Any part is a good material for grilling. If grilled with lemon water before soaking, and some starch, can make the meat more tender. Seafood: everything is normal, but must choose fresh. Fresh seafood is delicious, juicy, dense and rich in flexibility. The curing time from the seafood in the refrigerator should not exceed 30 minutes before grilling. The volume of grilled squid, with a thin layer of egg yolk on top, the color will be more beautiful and the taste will be better. Vegetables, fruits, rhizomes, mushrooms, vegetables and fruits with less juice and harder texture, such as corn, green pepper, pineapple, banana, etc.

4. On the food pan, the anxious person always worried about scorching and kept turning over. In fact, this helps to extend the roasting time. In fact, it prolongs the roasting time and destroys the protein, causing the meat to harden. When turning the food, the food must be heated to a certain degree to easily turn over. If some of the food sticks to the baking tray after turning over, it means that the protein has not been fully heated. The deadlift will only tear the protein fiber, and if it is fish, it will peel off.