Types of smoke-free grills and their characteristics

- Sep 25, 2019-

With the emergence of smokeless barbecue grills, its smokeless barbecue equipment has also caused a trend, becoming synonymous with environmental health in the barbecue equipment industry, so in order to adapt to various forms of use, outdoor grill manufacturers have designed four different types, For the user to choose.

1. Charcoal smokeless grill

Principle: Charcoal is released carbon monoxide during combustion. It is colorless and odorless, and charcoal is burned and there is no smoke. The charcoal smokeless grill is a technique that increases the forced secondary combustion on the basis of the ordinary grill, so that no smoke is generated during the barbecue, and the oil and fire separation avoids the oil and the seasoning to the carbon fire.

2. Gas smokeless barbecue

Principle: Generally, the stainless steel furnace body is used to heat the above four independent high-temperature-resistant crystal gas heating plates by electronic pulse ignition, using the heat of combustion of petroleum liquefied gas or natural gas, and then baking the food on the iron plate, electronic pulse The switch can control the size of the flame to control the temperature of the iron plate, which is practical and convenient.

3. Electric smokeless barbecue grill

Principle: A direct-burning electric grill that directly acts on food. When the food is grilled, the food and fat will drip immediately. There is no repeated infiltration of oil, that is, there is no oily frying and frying process, so the food contains less oil. The grilled food has a barbecue taste.

4. Microwave smokeless barbecue

Principle: The microwave is used to absorb the microwave energy in the microwave field. The polar molecules (such as water, fat, protein, sugar, etc.) in the food are attracted and oscillate rapidly, causing the molecules to collide with each other to generate a large amount of frictional heat. Make the food itself "cooked" cooked.

In summary, smokeless grills are divided into four types. The core purpose of smokeless is unchanged, mainly to change the combustion medium of the equipment, and the variety of smokeless grills has provided us with a choice. Reduce the waste by choosing the right smokeless grill according to your needs.https://www.evergrillw.com/