Ways to use outdoor barbecue

- Aug 05, 2020-

Outdoor barbecue must be prepared by yourself. There are three most important points: food, stove, charcoal fire. Barbecue mutton legs, meat, oil and other supplies must be purchased at credible restaurants or supermarkets. Stoves and skewers can be rented from barbecues. Charcoal fire can be purchased from large supermarkets or farmers’ markets. Wet paper towels and small fans must be brought along. Seasonings such as chili, cumin, and honey can be carried with the right amount of flavour. Large sturdy garbage bags should be prepared in multiple quantities, and beverage mineral water should be prepared in sufficient quantities.

Barbecue skills to remember

I usually go to the barbecue, and the boss will bake it and send it to the table. It is not so easy to switch to do it yourself. At least one person must know how to raise a charcoal fire. To start a fire is not to throw matches in the stove, but to keep fanning the wind until the black charcoal becomes red charcoal. It is best to cut the mutton into small pieces and put them in a fresh-keeping box before going to the barbecue place to wear them into skewers, which is not only conducive to the preservation of meat, but also saves space.

Some outdoor barbecuers look at an open space on the street. No matter whether there are hidden dangers in the surroundings, they set up a stove and started a business with smoke. They also randomly placed the grill and the seats and occupied the road. The phenomenon is very common. This not only affected the image of the city appearance, but also severely hindered the traffic, leaving many hidden dangers to safety accidents. What's more, there is also the problem of unlicensed operation. The relevant departments should strengthen supervision on this. Some people also went to forest areas, reservoir areas and other places where the country strictly forbids grilling, and they also grilled "flame". These bad outdoor barbecue behaviors not only caused a lot of inconvenience to others, but also laid a huge safety hazard for the occurrence of fires and traffic accidents, and some were even suspected of breaking the law.https://www.evergrillw.com/