What accessories do you need to prepare for outdoor barbecue?

- May 10, 2019-

When it comes to barbecue, what do you think of first? Dirty oil stains, ash in the sky, simple disposable bowls, black-lacquered or half-cooked foods and preservative-filled meat? The fun of barbecue activities lies in the preparation of food and utensils, the self-sufficiency when roasting, the deliciousness of the food after roasting, and the enthusiasm of a group of people. There are more and more professional ovens and baking utensils on the market. Sven has a way to play, and the benefits are affordable. It adds more fun to our barbecue.

Household type: It is more common to have a barbecue in the family. As long as a small balcony or rooftop, equipped with some affordable and practical ovens and baking utensils, you can make a trip. The stove does not need to be too big, suitable for 4-6 people, just for the family.

Outdoor type: driving to the suburban barbecue, everything is simple and practical, all appliances are reduced version, the picture is portable and practical.

Main accessories for barbecue:

Grilling clips: grilled fish, grilled intestines or chicken wings, so often soy sauce and honey, so that they taste more fragrant, but often shake when brushing, accidentally fell into the charcoal pit. At this time, a variety of barbecue clips can help.

BBQ skewers: In the Brazilian barbecue restaurant, the chefs can make different meatballs and meat pieces as beautiful as “bamboo bamboo”, and then come to you from time to time, politely ask: Do you want to come? It was the first time I saw the elegance of the barbecue. It turns out that it is not difficult to make such a beautiful skewer. According to the use, you can buy chrome-plated pins, stainless steel pins, bamboo sticks, etc.

BBQ brush / barbecue fork: is a must-have barbecue utensils ~! Whether it is delicious or not, the skill of baking brush is very important! @烤叉 is another use of strength in addition to barbecue skewers, almost omnipotent.

Fish Clips / Meat Clips / Sausage Clips: This is a breakdown of the grilled items. Dongdong, which is baked with different professional baking utensils, will be more delicious.