What are the ignition methods for outdoor bbq charcoal grills?

- Aug 28, 2019-

At present, the barbecue charcoal ignition auxiliary equipment commonly used in outdoor bbq charcoal grill has a gas torch, a igniting wax/solid alcohol, and a fire barrel.


1. The gas torch is the most direct way to charcoal. The snap-on gas cylinder spray gun is very common in outdoor and daily life. When grilling, especially when using the mechanism charcoal grilling, you can directly put the charcoal into the pyramid, pay attention to the gap between each other and the ventilation, and then use a gas torch to spray fire at the 45-degree angle against the carbon space. Pay attention to the spray. The fire-breathing head of the musket should be kept at a distance of about 15 cm from the charcoal to prevent the high-temperature tempering from burning the fire-breathing head.


2. Commonly used ignition mediums include ignition wax and solid alcohol. Solid alcohol does not need to be explained. The ignition wax is a igniting raw material made of artificial mineral oil. I personally prefer to use ignition wax because I always feel that Alcohol has a strange taste, and the ignition of the wax is higher and the fire is lasting.


Let me share with you the specific steps I use to ignite wax.


A. Put the charcoal in a pyramid on the carbon net, pay attention to keep it ventilated, then take an appropriate amount (usually 5-6 packs) to ignite the wax plug in the carbon pile gap.


B. Ignite the ignition wax, and the flame after the combustion of the ignition wax can drive the combustion of the surrounding charcoal.


C. Add other carbon blocks around the burnt carbon block to ignite.


D. About 10 minutes or so, the charcoal is fully ignited to start the barbecue.