What is the method of using outdoor barbecue

- Mar 25, 2021-

Outdoor barbecues have to be prepared on their own. There are three most important points: food, stove, and charcoal fire. Lamb legs, meat, oil and other supplies for barbecue must be purchased from trusted restaurants or supermarkets. Stoves and skewers can be rented from barbecue shops, and charcoal can be purchased from large supermarkets or farmers’ markets. Wet paper towels and a small fan must be brought along. Seasonings such as chili, cumin, and honey can be carried in appropriate amounts according to the taste. A large number of sturdy garbage bags should be prepared, and a sufficient amount of beverage mineral water should be prepared.

When I usually go to barbecue, the boss cooks it and sends it to the table. It is not so easy to switch to doing it myself. At least one person must know how to make a charcoal fire. To make a fire, you don’t just throw the matches in the stove. You have to fan them along the wind until the black charcoal turns into red charcoal. It is best to cut the purchased lamb into cubes beforehand and put it in a fresh-keeping box, and then put it into skewers when it arrives at the barbecue address. This is not only conducive to meat preservation, but also saves space.