​What kind of charcoal barbecue is good for outdoor barbecue

- Mar 20, 2020-

1. Natural trees
Natural trees are the most primitive and long-lasting barbecue fuel, which are often all kinds of fruit trees, such as apple trees, pear trees, jujube trees, lychee trees, etc. after the trees are directly cut, they are sawed into sections, and then cut into appropriate sizes for drying, which can be directly used during barbecue. It is often seen in the secret baking workshops handed down by the folk, such as the old traditional food workshops of roast duck, roast suckling pig, roast whole sheep, etc.
Features of natural trees: original ecology, original taste, suitable for barbecue food with special flavor; however, the raw materials are scarce, the use environment is relatively limited and inflexible, and the open fire is smoky and easy to jump Mars, so the burning power is difficult to control during barbecue, which is not suitable for ordinary families.
2. Log charcoal
Log charcoal is a kind of barbecue fuel which is made by cutting down logs and then processing them, including all kinds of hardwood, fruit wood, miscellaneous wood, etc. This kind of fuel is the most close to the original ecology and practical barbecue charcoal at present. Its shape mostly retains the branch shape of the log itself, which is easy to ignite. When barbecue, it sends out a smell of firewood in childhood memory. There is an apple raw charcoal in the barbecue family, which is distilled and extracted from wood tar and other harmful substances, safe and healthy. It is very suitable for home barbecue.
Characteristics of log charcoal: second only to natural trees, original ecology, original taste, smoke-free, lack of resources, easy to ignite, but the burning time is slightly shorter than that of mechanism charcoal.
3. Mechanical charcoal
Now, when playing barbecue, we basically use machine-made charcoal. There are two kinds of common charcoal: long strip and ball. Compared with the long strip, the ball type is easier to ignite, but it does not have long burn resistance, because the long strip of charcoal will be denser in the process of pressing, which is why it is not easy to ignite.
The raw materials of machine-made carbon are very wide, such as rice husk, cotton husk, corncob, corn stalk, sorghum stalk, Bean Stalk and other wood chips; when used for barbecue, the best materials are bamboo chips, rice husk, coconut shell and other machine-made carbon, and the shape of spherical machine-made carbon is the most fire-resistant.
Characteristics of machine-made charcoal: high density, high calorific value, no Mars explosion, relatively difficult to ignite (it is recommended to match with pilot wax to ignite), long burning time, convenient for commercial and household use.
At present, the quality of machine-made carbon in the market is uneven, so we should be careful when choosing. Some black heart businesses will add some leaves, plastic products and other sundries into the crushed materials, reducing the cost. This kind of carbon will bring some peculiar smell, which is also harmful to health. It is impossible to directly judge the materials of machine-made carbon, so we can only avoid some inferior carbon from the price, so we should not buy carbon cheaply, we should try our best to choose the barbecue machine-made carbon of the regular brand.
4. Natural granular carbon
Natural granular carbon is a new type of barbecue fuel, which is popular in European and American countries. It is a kind of barbecue fuel that mixes various natural wood chips in a certain proportion according to the needs, and then compresses them into small particles. Different mixing methods can produce different fragrance when burning. It is mostly used in the fumigating and baking oven, with intelligent feeding, time controlled, and the baked food is particularly delicious 。
Characteristics of granular charcoal: unique fragrance, large smoke suitable for smoking and baking, need to be used with professional smoking and baking stove.
Of course, there is also a kind of thing called steel carbon that you may have heard. The so-called steel carbon is the hard coke smothered by big carbon (harder than that burnt by bituminous coal and yellow coal). The sound of finished products colliding together is similar to that of metal collision, so it is called steel carbon. Because of its high combustion value and high combustion temperature, it is generally used for steelmaking or other industrial production. When it is burned, it has sulfur taste. Moreover, the carbon purchased from regular channels and normal prices will not be steel carbon.https://www.evergrillw.com/