What should be paid attention to in the 15 Kamado grill during transportation

- Dec 25, 2019-

Ceramic surface spraying is used to form a ceramic coating on the surface of the substrate, which has a wear-resistant and anticorrosive effect. Napu Machinery in Wuxi Binhu District divides ceramic spraying into two types according to the process, one is plasma spraying, and the other is thermal spraying. The sprayed ceramic coating is a high-density, dense ceramic coating formed on the surface of the substrate by a special equipment using a spraying process.

Volume resistance is the quotient of the DC voltage applied between the two electrodes placed on the opposite surfaces of the sample and the steady-state current flowing between the two electrodes.

The volume resistivity is the quotient of the DC electric field strength and the steady-state current density in the insulating material, that is, the volume resistance within a unit volume. Volume resistivity can be used as a parameter for selecting insulation materials. Resistivity changes significantly with changes in temperature and humidity. The volume resistivity measurement is often used to check whether the insulating material is uniform or to detect conductive impurities that can affect the quality of the material but cannot be detected by other methods.

Surface resistance is the quotient of the voltage applied between two electrodes on a certain surface of the sample and the current flowing between the two electrodes after a certain period of time.

The surface resistivity is the quotient of the DC electric field strength and the line current density at the surface layer of the insulating material, that is, the surface resistance per unit area. Surface resistivity is not a parameter that characterizes the material itself, but a parameter related to the surface contamination characteristics of the material. Because the volume resistance is always included in the surface resistance test, it can only measure the surface resistance approximately. The measured surface resistance value mainly reflects the degree of surface contamination of the test sample.

Consider whether the grill is portable. Outdoor barbecue grills are our own items, so it is best to consider this aspect when buying, it can be convenient for us to carry, which can bring us a lot of convenience, it is recommended to choose the folding barbecue furnace.

Purchase according to material. There are various materials for barbecue grills on the market, and the prices are different. You don't have to buy expensive ones, but the service life of iron barbecue grills is definitely not very long. Durable and not easy to rust.

Shop according to the size of the grill. Some people think that the smaller the portable, the better, but you also need to consider the number of barbecues, so you can determine the size of the barbecue according to the number of barbecues each time, so that everyone can eat delicious barbecue.

Whether it is equipped with oil-conducting and anti-smoke devices. When grilling, the meat will drip oil, and the oil drips on hot stones and will emit smoke, and the smoke will have a bad taste when it sticks to the food.