What should be paid attention to in the transportation of ceramic grills

- May 25, 2020-

 1. Be careful when transporting, do not put it upside down, sideways, heavy pressure, violent sensation, to avoid damage. If the infrared burning plate of the smokeless grill shows off due to violent turbulence and bumps, please do not panic, directly restore the board and slightly remove the round hole iron plate used to catch the board, and put the hollow cylinder head of the board Yes, you can also drop the screw in the center of the board, put the hollow cylinder head of the board into the round hole iron sheet, and then fix the screw.

  2. Low-pressure valves are used in gas grill series, and it is forbidden to use medium-pressure valves or high-pressure valves.

  3. When an air leak is found, the gas valve should be closed immediately, and the repaired part should be repaired before use.

  4. When grilling, you should avoid throwing water and oil at will, and avoid dripping oil on the combustion board, otherwise certain smoke will occur.

  5. The grill grid on the top of the smokeless grill is a wire structure. During the long-term high-temperature grilling process, the physical reaction of thermal expansion and contraction will occur and become slightly softer, and may appear slightly distorted and deformed. This is normal.

The ceramic grill manufacturer said that it should be checked whether it is connected to the canned liquefied petroleum gas pipeline and whether it is firmly connected before use.

  The second is to pour the proper water into the residue oil basin, adhere to a certain amount of water, and avoid drying. If the water is dry, draw out the furnace chassis, add water, turn on the gas main valve, press and rotate the electronic incineration switch to the left, you should let go after lighting the burner, you can adjust the firepower.

  The third is to admit the light. When the light is on, lightly press the switch and turn it to the left. It can be seen that a bunch of flames rushed to the burning plate and ignited the whole burning plate. Ignite, please re-ignite until the ignition stops. Ceramic grill

  Finally, after the operation is completed, the gas source main switch and the incineration switches should be turned off for safe use.

The presentation of the ceramic barbecue table dealt with the smoke problem that we presented when eating barbecue, not only environmental protection but also very healthy. Next, let us introduce the nine performances of the smoke-free barbecue table. Let's take a look at the friends who are interested:

  A: Active temperature measurement, suitable for all kinds of different temperatures, without baking between the needs, the fire power can be adjusted, the operation is simple and safe.

  B: Smokeless barbecue table gas burning system high-quality point device, rotating motor, wide temperature-resistant glass window, seeing things at a glance.

  C: It has the functions of smoke-free barbecue, shabu-shabu, hot pot, barbecue, grilled shellfish seafood, fast dining table, etc. It is suitable for barbecue in the room surface.

  D: Chicken and duck foods are evenly roasted on a rotating rack, and the color is even and delicious.

  E: The nutrients that can stick to things, taste good, crisp outside and tender, golden color.

  F: The internal design of the smokeless barbecue table is more simplified and more spacious, and it is easier to repair the mouth.