What unique advantages does the grill have?

- May 08, 2020-

An outdoor grill is a device for grilling lamb skewers, vegetables, barbecues, etc. The carbon grill is the most common. Carbon grills can be seen in barbecue shops and barbecue stalls in almost every city in China. In recent years, the development of various new barbecue grills has tended to be convenient and environmentally friendly. Bring three or five friends in leisure, take the barbecue grill to the outdoor, chat and drink, and enjoy the fun of barbecue, reducing the hard work at work. It is also a bright spot for urban life, and it is a new product that can improve people's quality of life.

The biggest feature of the grill is that you can grill and fry food together, or you can use one of its functions alone. The planning is exquisite and the installation is simple. It is a popular style in Europe and America.

Direct grilling: put the carbon in the center of the carbon grill of the gas grill, and put the vegetables and meat directly on the grill to grill;

Direct grilling: The charcoal is lit and placed on both ends of the carbon rack, and the vegetables and meat are placed in the center of the grill, covered with a stove cover and simmered to cook the food.