Barbecue Steps

- Feb 05, 2021-

Before using the grill, understand the function and use of the stove. The grill should be placed in a relatively flat place, and the air door should be at the upper air outlet. It is not easy to ignite charcoal and machine-made carbon. You can pile the carbon into a pile with a combustion-supporting agent, and then spread the carbon itself after burning. If conditions permit, it is best to light a bonfire, put the carbon into the fire, take it out after the carbon is completely burned, and put it in the grill. Don't forget to bring an engineer shovel if you use a bonfire to induce carbon. When paving the carbon, it must be spread evenly to ensure uniform firepower. After the charcoal is burned, don't rush to bake it, first bake the net, wait until the charcoal is all red, that is, it is completely burned before you start baking. Don't stand in the downwind vent when grilling. Firstly, the smoke will be heavy, and secondly, the flying sparks can easily burn people.